Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sketch the Cherry Blossoms at Spring Grove

Sketch the cherry blossoms with us next Sunday, April 7th at 2pm. The trees should be in peak bloom.

Spring Grove is home to many gorgeous flowering trees and is an amazing place to sketch any season but spring is particularly lovely.

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Friday, March 29, 2019

Urban Sketchers Workshop at the Taft with Robin Ewers Carnes

Robin Ewers Carnes is hosting a workshop at the Taft Art Museum April 6th. There are still a few spots open so check it out!

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Facebook event is here:

Check out video about Robin's tour!

PLAZA Workshop: Simplify the Structure: Quick Sketching complex scenes with Christina Wald

I am doing a workshop at PLAZA Artist Materials April 19th kicking off our Urban Sketching Topics series: Simplify the Structure: Quick sketching complex scenes with Christina Wald

Sometimes it is overwhelming to figure out where to start when drawing a complex cityscape, building, or interior. The workshop will have tips and demos for sketching on the go.

20 minute sketch of the clock in Central Park in ballpoint pen
20 minute sketch of the Flatiron building in ballpoint pen
This was sketched  years ago and there are even more SUPER tall buildings here!!

Sketch Outing at NKU

The USK Cincinnati crew
This months Third Saturday Outing was at NKU. Lots of great architecture inside and out!

Sketch by Debra Wallace

Sketch by Jeb Brack

Sketch by Jo Ann Berger
Sketch by Krista Glenkler Breedlove
Sketch by Charlie Bott

Sketch by Wes Ledyard
Sketch Throwdown

Monday, March 4, 2019

USk Cincinnati Urban Sketching 201 Workshop with Robing Ewers Carnes at PLAZA

Intro to Urban Sketching 201 with Robin Ewers Carnes
In this 2nd class offered by the Urban Sketchers Cincinnati group, you’ll discover how to tackle different subject matter for your sketchbooks. In this class, you’ll cover:
- Composition of a photo and how it relates to your paper
- Drawing cityscapes
- Drawing crowds
- Layout of your sketchbook pages
- Use of color and additive color
- Perspective and atmospheric perspective
- Architectural details
These 2 hour classes are for the beginner or seasoned artist who is looking to expand on new techniques, learn a new way of sketching on the go or sketching from your photos later on.
Recommended materials to bring with you are:
– Any sketchbooks or materials you currently use including:
– A pencil– Eraser– Watercolors or another media of your preference – Brushes or other tools you use depending on the media of your choice– A few of your photos to sketch from
If you don’t have many materials that you currently use, not to worry. We’ll show you around Plaza Art for our favorite materials.

Saturday, March 2, 2019

USk Cincinnati Outing to the Mercantile Library

Photo by Scott Ledyard
This month's 3rd Saturday outing to the Mercantile Library had an AMAZING turnout! Although we were chastised for being a little too loud at times, it was a rich environment for sketching!

Cannot wait for our next outing at NKU!

Photo by Scott Ledyard

Sketch by Lauren Wells
Sketch by Robin Ewers Carnes
Sketch by Becca Kuhlmann

Sketch by Wes Ledyard
Sketch by Linda Price
Sketch by Elaine Stoker
Sketch by Charlie Bott
Sketch by Charlie Bott

Sketch by Krista Glenkler Breedlove

Sketch by Krista Glenkler Breedlove
Sketch by Krista Glenkler Breedlove

Sketch by Christina Wald
Loni Becker on her iPad Pro!

Cincinnati Zoo Sketch Outing

Most of the sketching crew, some had to leave early...
The Cincinnati Urban Sketchers had a magical day sketching at the Zoo. The weather gods were benign and it turned out to be a perfect day to draw outside!

We went to our usual favorite exhibits like the African lions, dog, Savannah and OF COURSE Fiona!

Sketchbooks in the wild
Tiger and African Dog by Jeb Brack
Tiger by Christina Wald
The Savannah area plus Snow Leopards by Christina Wald
More sketches by Christina Wald

The Savannah by Amy Bogard

Sketch by Astrid Mast

The sketchers at the Savannah exhibit

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